Dr. Alicia Peterman, N.D.
Naturopathic Primary Care & Family Medicine

Naturopathic Therapies

In my many years as a physician, I have used a variety of therapies to help my patients get well.  These are the ones that I believe work most effectively to re-balance the body and ultimately cure illness.

Biotherapeutic Drainage ~  These are homeopathic combination remedies that help detoxify the body in a profound but gentle way.  They include Unda Numbers, Gemmotherapies, Oligotherapies and Cell Salts.  Please see a more in depth discussion at the Biotherapeutic Drainage tab.

Flower Essences ~ I use these energetic remedies specifically for treating mental and emotional  imbalances.  My patients respond to these gentle therapies in an amazingly positive way without the unpredictable side effects of drugs.

Herbal Medicine ~ For patients with frank deficiencies, herbal medicine works beautifully to enhance the body's vital force and build up reserves for future healing. 

Nutritional and Lifestyle Counseling ~True to the foundation of health, the food we eat and the life we lead ultimately impacts our well being.  It is hard to make changes to diet and lifestyle without a little help and guidance.

Foot Reflexology ~ A manual therapy performed in the clinic, foot reflexology can be used to detect and treat imbalances in the body.  I generally use this along with color therapy to increase a patient's vitality.

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